Focus on employeneurship

For people and organizations

Pontes offers a full range of assessments, coaching, training and consultancy services for the development of Employeneurship. Our services are based on scientific insights and have been successfully applied to large and small organizations worldwide for more than 20 years.

Structural growth

Our experienced coaches, trainers and consultants are focused on creating structural behavioral change and growth. They often have a track business record and know first-hand what it’s like to work in high-performance roles. That’s why they succesfully coached more than 15,000 people.

Tailored programs

One size does not fit all. Every person, every team and every organization is unique and therefore requires a different approach. That is why our development programs are modular and personalized. In addition, we have everything in-house to quickly start and scale. This way, Pontes can achieve results at every level.

Coaching Pontes

Screening & Assessment

Our selection assessments, development assessments and Q-tests plot the talents of applicants, employees and teams and provide insight into their potential.

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Coaching & Training

Whether it’s through executive coaching, job coaching or team coaching, Pontes strengthens skills, leadership and resilience in a unique way.

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Consultancy & Strategy

Our hands-on quartermasters and consultants turn vision and strategic goals into organization-wide talent development programs and learning environments.

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ASML Employeneurship

S. Canpolat

Change Manager / Key User at ASML

It was a pleasure to work with Pontes. I was impressed by their ability guide people to become more proactive and to connect colleagues.

Why Pontes

  • Everything in-house – for every company size
  • On every level – individuals, teams and organizations
  • Made to fit – with modular programs
  • 20 years of experience – more than 15,000 people coached

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