Talent on board

Discover potential

Need to select someone for a job and want to be sure of your choice? Do you see potential in employees and do you want to know exactly what they have to offer? Our screening and assessment services provide detailed insight into the qualities, motivations, values and potential of people.

20 years of experience

Our talent analyses are used for individual talent development as well as for strategic talent management and HR policy. We work with experienced assessors who think along with the client and who can place results in the right context, thanks to our extensive experience.

Unlocking Potential

Pontes believes that people have the power to develop themselves. But to know where you want to go, you first have to know where you stand. Our assessments do not only chart potential, they also provide insights into the development possibilities. We have been doing this successfully for 20 years using the Employeneurship methodology.

Pontes Screening

Tailored and on scale

Pontes provides complete screening & assessment programs from one person to entire organizations. We use (online) ability tests, personality tests and interactive sessions. Assessments can take place online, at our office or on location. The results are detailed in concise reports and discussed with the candidate and the client.

Select Talent

Want to know if someone is right for the job? With our selection assessment, you gain insight into the potential of candidates and can quickly make the correct match.

Discover Potential

With our development assessments and capacity tests you can see what talent you already have on board, and where there’s room for development.

360 Degrees Feedback

Gain perspective on the performance of a person from different angles. Our experienced assessors guide this process with tact and thoroughness.

Team Assessment

A balanced team consists of people with complementary qualities and skills. Our team assessments map these qualities and analyze talent gaps.

N. van Gerrevink

HR Business Partner at Perfetti van Melle

Working with Pontes is a pleasure. There is a perfect balance between taking care of the needs of a candidate and showing their potential. They communicate in an open and transparent manner about all facets of their service, have excellent availability and proactively provide feedback.

Look closely and you will discover talent everywhere.

The benefits of Pontes Screening & Assessment:

  • 20 years of experience – in 9 countries worldwide
  • Fast turnaround time – and clear reporting
  • On scale – from 1 person to organization-wide
  • Online & Face-to-Face – on location or at Pontes’s office

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