Privacy Statement

June 9, 2021

This is the Privacy Statement of Pontes International BV, established in Breda at Baronielaan 4, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Breda under number 55406009, Pontes International BV (hereinafter “PONTES”) is a private company with legal personality which also trades under the names:

• Pontes International BV (

PONTES is responsible for the processing of your personal data. We attach great importance to your privacy. The personal data you provide to us will be handled with care and will be secured in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. In addition, PONTES subscribes to the NIP and NOBCO Codes of Conduct. These codes of conduct are an elaboration of the Industry and specialist rules in the context of professional conduct and to protect the handling of personal data of customers. You can request a copy of the code of conduct from us.

PONTES only uses the personal data you provide to optimize its services and to provide you with the best possible advice about its products and services. Your personal data are available for all parts of PONTES, so that the most balanced advice or service can always be provided.


Personal data provided
PONTES uses the personal data you provide to provide you with the best possible advice about its products and services and to maintain contact with you. Your personal data are available for all parts of Pontes International BV, so that the most balanced and balanced advice or service can always be provided. In addition, this data is used for general research purposes in general. If you do not wish to receive information about services and products, you can notify the department of Pontes International BV of which you are a customer.

Candidate details
For the correct execution of analyses it is necessary that PONTES also has personal data of the candidate. This is not always the person or organization that commissions PONTES (online) to carry out analyses.

This information is the salutation, full name and email address. This is necessary for entering into and inviting the candidate from our system, for generating the correct salutation and name in the reports, for sending the personal reports to the candidate. In the case of our (additional) services, this is necessary so that the coach knows who to expect.

Location data
If necessary for the service, we may collect location data (GPS) from you. Your permission will be requested for this at the moment. This (location) data can also be stored and processed by the provider of, for example, the navigation/maps software (Google Maps), but the data can also be used by Google itself. We have no control over that. So always read the privacy statements of the relevant provider.

We keep statistics about the use of our website, but this data is always anonymized.


Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small files in which we can store information so that you do not have to fill it in every time. We can also see that you visit us again.

When you visit our website for the first time, we show a message with an explanation about cookies. At that point we will ask for your consent to the use of these cookies.

You can disable the placing of cookies via your browser, but some parts of our website might not work correctly.

We have made agreements with other companies that place cookies about the use of cookies. However, we do not have full control over what they do with the cookies themselves. Pleas also read their privacy statements. (Note: these can change regularly)


You are responsible for the correct and complete provision of the necessary personal data and changes thereto. PONTES is not liable for any damage resulting from the use by PONTES of these incorrect or incomplete personal data. You also remain responsible for the security of your own email environment and the personal data stored with you that are also used by PONTES.


Personal data will only be provided to third parties if this is necessary for the proper execution of our agreement with you, or if this data is necessary for the correct functioning of our website(s) (e.g. Google Maps, requests received via the contact form, etc.). This includes affiliated associates/partners of PONTES who are deployed by PONTES to perform our services. These third parties are bound by a confidentiality clause.

Personal reports, such as WO rapports and coach files, are only provided to the candidate himself. These reports are sent as a PDF file to the candidate’s personal email address. Even if the client of PONTES is not the candidate. PONTES will never share personal reports with third parties (including, in this case, the client) without the candidate’s prior written consent.


We store personal data in a secure database at our Dutch hosting party in the Netherlands. Our hosting party has the correct certificates that guarantee a safe storage of data. In a number of cases we share personal data with our partners (see above). In all cases this is solely to support our own services. We only work with companies that comply with European privacy legislation, whether they are based in Europe or not.

We use customer management tools to optimize our services. These tools store your contact details and the content of all our contacts. This means that when you contact us, we know exactly what was agreed with you last time, for example.


Personal data remains available within PONTES for 1 year after completion of the contract, assignment or process. After that, all data will be deleted/destroyed.

Digital WO data remains on the server of the secure server at all times, and will never be stored in other digital places, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Printed reports are only provided to concerned PONTES processors and the data subject himself. The reports are submitted to PONTES and destroyed once printed reports have served their purpose.

With the contact form you can ask us questions or make requests via our websites. For this we ask for your name, company name, telephone number and e-mail address. We need these to be able to maintain contact with you. We will keep this information until we are sure that you are satisfied with our response and six months thereafter. This way we can easily access the information for follow-up questions. We can also train our staff to improve customer service.


You can request access to your personal data at any time. This means: personal data that PONTES processes with regard to you with a complete overview and description of the purposes and origin of the data. You also have the option to ask us to change and/or delete all or part of this personal data. We will respond to such requests in writing or by electronic mail within 4 weeks.


You have the opportunity to participate in the blogs and other (social) media platforms that the PONTES offers. The main purpose of these platforms is to give you the opportunity to share content. However, we cannot be held responsible if any personal information you share on these platforms is used, misused or otherwise appropriated by another user.

We also provide links to other social media platforms that are operated on servers outside of PONTES by individuals or organizations over which we have no control. PONTES is not responsible and makes no warranties for the accuracy or any other aspect of the information contained on these servers. A link to a third party’s website should not be considered an endorsement by us or the third party of the other’s products and/or services. PONTES is not responsible and offers no guarantees for the storage and use of personal data on servers of third parties. We recommend that you review the privacy policy on the website of any third party linked from our sites to see how they handle your personal information.



Pontes International, Baronielaan 4, 4818 RA, Breda

Phone number: 076-5151811
Availability: on working days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m CET

PONTES reserves the right to make changes to its Privacy Statement. It is recommended that you consult this Privacy Statement from time to time so that you are aware of the changes.

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