Pontes: developing Employeneurship since 2000

Turning on potential

In our rapidly changing world, entrepeneurial employees are the key to success. They are the ones who innovate, seize new opportunities and create the future. Pontes believes this human characteristic can be developed. Helping people and organizations to discover, develop and utilize their potential is what we stand for.

Consciously seeing, being and doing

We help people and organizations to see and use their own potential. This starts with awareness. What do I already possess? How can I use this? How can I grow alongside my team and my organization?

Pontes has everything in-house to answer these questions. Our practical development programs are a thought-out mix of assessments, coaching, training and (strategic) advice, aimed at structural improvement. This way, our experienced coaches and consultants create awareness of behavioral patterns, motivations, competencies and barriers. Working together is the norm, bespoke service is the standard.

Our services are based on Employeneurship. Over the past 20 years, this methodology has successfully helped more than 15,000 professionals to guide their own careers and organizations.

Discover Employeneurship
Freek van Bedaf

CEO Pontes

Freek van Bedaf

I founded Pontes to increase people's happiness, success and entrepeneurship. We do this by increasing awareness, self direction and solution thinking. We call this Employeneurship. This way we contribute to the development of people and organizations.

From good to even better

Pontes is:

On Growth – with an eye for people
On Point – practical, swift and measurable
On Scale – for large and small organizations worldwide
On Person – tailor-made development programs

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