Employeneurship on point

Constant development

In our rapidly changing world, dealing with uncertainty is increasingly important. This makes engaged, resilient and sustainably employed personell the key to a successful organization. We must therefor constantly evolve and adapt to new situations. How can we create a creative, healthy work environment and an entrepreneurial mindset that facilitates this agility? Employeneurship is our answer.

Unlocking potential

Employeneurship is the ability to respond to the demands that a dynamic work environment places on individual people, the collaboration with others and our organizations. It is a set of effective behavioral patterns, a structure for accessing the development of potential, and a way of interacting effectively with the world around us. Central to this methodology is having control over your own development and that of your organisation.

People and organization

Employeneurship has been developed in collaboration with high-performance organizations and is based on scientific insights. Over the past 20 years, the methodology has been successfully implemented at large and small organizations worldwide. Employeneurship is strongly focused on dealing with the demands of the times in which we now live. Yet, it is relevant to our journey into the future.

Toegang tot potentieel

Multiple intelligence and the Q-model

An essential part of Employeneurship is the Q-model. This development model states that every person possesses multiple types of intelligences. With the Q-model, human potential can be measured on the basis of competencies and work values. These qualities are linked to the different intelligence types – the so-called Q’s. This creates a structure in which competencies can be systematically developed through practical coaching and training, aimed at the qualities that an employee and the employer want to improve.


The CQ concerns the development of hard skills and mental strength, and determines how well someone can observe and reason through knowledge. This is necessary for the development, testing and dissemination of one’s own (senior) vision


EQ is about feeling, reflecting and connecting. Soft skills and cooperation take center stage. EQ embraces the knowledge of one’s own system and behavioral patterns, increasing self-awareness making behavior a choice.


The LQ measures the development of personal leadership and the extent to which someone works based on their own needs, passions and intrinsic motivations. This affects proactiveness, responsibility and autonomy.


PQ determines the potential for self-management. It concerns the ability to work effectively with the internal and external world, organizing and prioritizing as needed. This is necessary, for example, to deal with work pressure and expectations from the environment.


Developing the different Q’s leads to  improvement of personal effectiveness and the potential to achieve results, summarized in XQ: Execution Power. XQ is therefore the sum of the other Qs.

Q-model English

Want to unlock the potential of your employees?

Employeneurship is the answer:

  • Used successfully for more than 20 years by organizations worldwide.
  • More than 15,000 people coached to become employeneurs
  • Developed in collaboration with high-performance businesses
  • Based on scientific insights and proven results

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