Act on employeneurship

Learning equals performance

We operate in a rapidly changing context, with new technologies, different ways of working and a dynamic world. As a result, staying in development is of strategic importance. How do you ensure that employees continuously develop themselves and enjoy doing so? What steps are needed to create a culture of learning? Which practical tools do you use? Together with Pontes you’ll find the answers that fit your organization.

Hands-on consultancy

Pontes helps create strategic development programs and effective learning environments. These are always co-creations with the customer. Our result-oriented quartermasters and consultants have often earned their spurs in senior leadership positions. They are experienced in practical talent development and creating learning platforms. They’ll assist you from start to finish using their own expertise, sharing their insights and offering hands-on guidance along the way.

Tailored development programs

Every organization has its own culture and context. As a result, ‘learning to learn’ is different for everyone. Our programs are always tailored to what is already present in an organization and what is required. That’s why we use all kinds of methods, such as change management, employee journey design, purpose-driven leadership, learning platforms and more. Together we create an organization in which learning contributes to business results.

Toegang tot potentieel

From Employee to Employeneur

Pontes consultants apply Employeneurship principles. This methodology focuses on the structural development of individual potential – and the potential of the organization. Development opportunities are measured and placed within the context of the own organization. Concrete goals are then linked to these options, after which we work step-by-step to achieve the desired results. Employeneurship was developed in collaboration with high-performance businesses and has been implemented successfully for 20 years in large and small organizations worldwide. This allows Pontes to create development programs at every organizational level, such as:

Vision and strategy

Leadership lays the foundation for learning and development. Where do you stand as an organization and where do you want to go? Together we formulate a vision that you can build on, in line with the company strategy and long-term goals.

Organisation & Culture

How do you create an optimal learning environment? Which behavior is is desired? What practical steps should you take for structural change? From start to finish, Pontes helps build a culture of learning and constant development.

Training & Tooling

Pontes helps set up learning platforms that facilitate re-skilling and upskilling of employees. Together we select the tools and technology that suit the organization, the employees and the desired learning climate.

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How do you use the potential in your organization?

With consultancy from Pontes, you can count on:

  • 20 years of experience – in learning and talent development
  • Tailored solutions – at any scale
  • Not just words – hands-on guidance

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