Coaching on employeneurship

Unlocking potential

How do employees gain structural access to their full potential? What can they do to strengthen their competences? And how do they take charge of their own development process? Pontes’ coaching and soft skill training helps people and organizations to see, develop and use their own talents.

For people and organizations

Our coaches have years of experience with high-performance working environments. They have often gone through and overcome the same challenges as the people they coach. This enables them to act swiftly and effectively. They develop Employeneurship using the Q-model for multiple intelligence, measurable results and an eye for people.

Through Employeneurship

We live in a rapidly changing world that demands resilience and agility from employees. That’s why Pontes has developed Employeneurship, together with high-performance businesses. This methodology meaures and increases personal effectiveness. Employees are also trained to continously develop theirselves, their careers and their organizations. Employeneurship has been successfully used by large and small organizations worldwide for over 20 years.

Coaching Employeneurship

Modular coaching and training programs

Pontes has succesfully coached and trained more than 15,000 people worldwide. This allows us to create tailor-made programs on scale for every development question and career phase.


Discover where the strengths and challenges of yourself or your team lie, and how you can use this knowledge to increase and accelerate effectiveness.

Career Guidance

Where do you stand, and where do you want to go? And just as important: how do you get there? You will get answers to these questions with our growth-oriented job coaching.

Strengthen Leadership

Do you want to become a better leader for yourself or others? With our executive coaching tracks you develop your (personal) leadership skills for high-performance environments.

Stress Management

Maintaining balance is more important than ever. Learn to cope with stress and prevent burnout with our stress management coaching and burnout prevention training.

Soft Skill Training

Pontes offers practical training for (personal) leadership, social skills and communication. The learning format is tailored to specification, from e-learning modules to in-company group training.

Perfetti van Melle Employeneurship

C. Stolk

Senior HR Business Partner at Perfetti van Melle

Through Pontes, employees learn to look at themselves and their environments differently. They go on a journey that reveals new connections within themselves and in their work environment. I can recommend Pontes to anyone who wants to understand and develop themselves.

Over 15,000 professionals succesfully coached

This is why they chose Pontes:

  • Tailored programs – for every career phase
  • Experienced coaches – a match for every person
  • Online & face-to-face – on location or at Pontes’s office
  • On point – practical, swift and measurable

Want to know more? We’ll gladly explain the possibilities.